Vighnaharta Hypnocare centre

Dr. Manish Patil
Vighnaharta Hypnocare centre,
G-3, Dwarkadhish, 77 Vaibhav nagar,
Jamnagiri road, Dhule. PIN 424001
Maharashtra state India.

The place where you can get Hypnotherapy/Self hypnosis treatment/audio sessions in Marathi, Hindi, English  (Indian pronunciation & International pronunciation) for your treatment/self treatment


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Hypnotherapy/Self Hypnosis audio sessions in Marathi, Hindi, Indian English & International English @ cost INR/Rs. 3999/- Only per MP3 audio session.

Addiction Help

Adrenaline Addiction

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Breaking Bad Habits

Caffeine Addiction

Cannabis Dependence

Chewing Tobacco Addiction

Chocolate Addiction

Compulsive Hand Washing

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Compulsive Hoarding

Diminish Alcohol Abuse

Drink Less Alcohol Exercise Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Gaming Addiction

Heroin Addiction Treatment


Internet Addiction Kleptomania

Masturbation Addiction

Moderate Drinking News Addiction

Obsessive Checking

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning

OCD Treatment


Overcome Alcohol Addiction Overcome Coffee Addiction

Overcome Drug Addiction

Party Without Alcohol Porn Addiction

Quit Smoking

Shopping Addiction

Social Networking Addiction


Stay Off Alcohol Stop Obsessive Thoughts





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